Suzanne Durbin

Trusted Client Engagement Consultant in Atlanta, Georgia

"By the year 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator."*

Suzanne Durbin merges client satisfaction research with two decades of advising private business owners to provide insights that lead to stronger client relationships, satisfaction, retention, revenue and growth.

Client Engagement Services Include:

·Create client satisfaction research strategy

·Conduct the research and synthesize findings into actionable insights

·Plan, develop and implement programs and process changes to leverage the findings

·Create and monitor team cohesion around change

·Support ongoing corporate, C-suite, employee, client and vendor success and growth through individual and group coaching

A word from Bob Bordett, Senior VP, Consolidated Planning Corporation:

“If you’re ready to know what your clients really think about your company, so you can serve them better, Suzanne Durbin can help.

CPC is a 45-year-old boutique financial planning firm affiliated with Raymond James, and I've known and respected Suzanne for more than 20 of those years. She's been in the trenches as a passionate, successful financial advisor, so our advisors trusted her to personally interview 31 of our clients. Because she was an outside party and astute at soliciting candid feedback, clients opened up to her regarding where we excelled and where we could improve. Our advisors used the feedback to create client action plans. We also learned our clients wanted a monthly Market and Economic Update and have implemented this communication to help them be more aware of changes that could affect their finances.

Our clients now know we care what they think and responded to them. We expect to repeat this process with Suzanne every two years.”

*From Walker Customers 2020: A Progress Report