Suzanne Durbin

Business Coach, Consultant, and Facilitator in Atlanta, Georgia

As a strong accountability partner and sounding board, I free the entrepreneurs and executives to achieve more, more quickly, and with more confidence. My ability to build trust, listen, and push with respect allows leaders to access their wisdom and empowers them to act.

Contact me when you want to achieve greater results in:

Your own growth; strategic planning; consensus building; client engagement, acquisition and retention; transformational change; leadership development; sales enablement; team alignment; board of advisors; and succession planning.

About Suzanne as a Consultant:

"Of all the professionals I have had the pleasure of working with in my career, Suzanne is not only one of the most professional, but also one of my favorite. She is able to rapidly build trust with all stakeholders, bringing them together with empathy. She anticipates issues and opportunities in a way that drives the parties to making decisions and then executes on those decisions, seamlessly and on time, ensuring the results are achieved. Her ability to distill complex concepts simply and quickly is an asset in all conversations and negotiations. I recommend Suzanne without reserve and with pleasure."

-Rudy Ploder, President, Equifax

About Suzanne as a Facilitator:

"VirtualBoard consists of CEOs and advisors who are dedicated to maximizing each company’s value. Ideal Chairs must be able to take charge of a room full of mostly Type A leaders. They are confident enough to know when to push and when to step back. They are empathetic with high emotional intelligence and business acumen. That’s why Suzanne Durbin is a VirtualBoard Chair. Suzanne hears what’s being said and, even more importantly, what’s not being said—the music and not just the words. This ability ensures our members get maximum value from every group meeting and individual coaching session."

- Lew Haskell, Tiger 21 Best Practice Chair

About Suzanne as a Coach:

"About 95 percent of business problems have to do with relationships, whether it’s with partners, employees or clients. It takes a tenacious, intuitive, high-energy coach to recognize the dynamics of these relationships and help move the business forward. That’s why I work with Suzanne...She is fully invested in whatever issues come up. She’s methodical, deliberate and incredibly sharp. Suzanne asks a lot of insightful questions and keeps digging because that’s where the gold is."

-Will Rece, Founder, A Watched Pot Serving